YONHAN Battery Charger 6A 12V Smart Battery Trickle Charger Automotive with LED Display, Battery Maintainer Desulfator 5 Modes for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Lawn Mower & Marine Lead Acid Batteries

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car batterycar battery

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YONHAN is the direct manufacturer specializing in electrical products and accessories for the automotive industry, such as battery chargers, 12v usb outlet, Male Cigarette Lighter Plug, Motorcycle USB Charger and more.

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Battery Charger 10-AmpBattery Charger 10-Amp

Battery Charger 10-Amp


YONHAN Battery Charger 6A with LED DisplayYONHAN Battery Charger 6A with LED Display

6A Charger with LED Display

Upgraded LED & Color Screen Display5 Modes Selection for VersatilityAdded TKL Mode for Automatic Charging

car battery charger 10Acar battery charger 10A

Large Screen 10A Charger

Foldable Handle; Inclined Screen for Easier Operation; Cable Organizer on the Back; Stronger Alligator Clips


Intelligent Battery Charger


Battery Charger 8-AmpBattery Charger 8-Amp

Battery Charger 8-Amp

Intelligent Digital Display and DetectionSmart Touch ButtonsMultiple Protection

QC3.0 Dual USB Charger Socket

5 Modes Selection for Versatility: Our 12V 6A battery charger offers 5 mode selection to handle different charging situations. It ensures an optimal charge for all 12-volt lead-acid automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries including AGM, GEL, SLA, Flooded in cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, boats, etc.
Added TKL Mode for Automatic Charging: After the battery is fully charged, without disconnecting the power supply, when the charger detects that the battery voltage is lower than 12V, it will automatically start charging. This ensures your battery is always at peak performance. LITHIUM BATTERIES ARE NOT ALLOWED
Summer/Winter Mode for Year-Round Performance: Advanced microcomputer detection adjusts the charging state based on the detected environment temperature. This battery charger automotive tool doesn’t require manual setting, making it perfect for year-round use.
High-Efficiency Pulse Repair: Built-in advanced battery REPAIR mode to help to recover old/idle batteries and extend battery life. If the battery cannot be charged, please use repair mode. The high-frequency and low-frequency pulse technology has good repair and activation effects. Note: It can not activate a dead battery or repair a battery that is damaged seriously.
Safe & Efficient Charging: It has protection circuits such as overcharge/overvoltage/overcurrent/short circuit, with functions such as overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection and undervoltage protection, ensuring a safe and efficient charging process while extending the battery life of your vehicle.

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