The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book: The complete guide to optimizing Keto for a better quality of life

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A collection of information from over 10 years of health and fitness coaching that you can use to improve your success following a Ketogenic lifestyle. This book is more than eat this, don’t eat that. It’s a definitive guide to proper mindset, understanding what health is, and practical steps on how to achieve your best life.

“There are things in this book that will be different from anything you’ve ever heard. That’s good. Everything you know and everything you’ve done to this point is why you’re looking for help. It’s time for something new.”

There are many ways that people follow a Ketogenic lifestyle. Unfortunately, many people struggle with stalls and plateaus because they are missing some key aspects and nuance of how the lifestyle works best. The Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness Book provides that information and will help you make progress and reach levels of health and fitness you never thought possible.

This book is a Must Read if…You are stuck or stalled in your progressYou are looking for a way to make following Keto more simpleYou’re tired of losing the same pounds over and over againYou wonder what happens AFTER you reach your goal weightYou’ve lost some weight but want to increase your physical activityYou have an injury and you’re not sure if working out is even an option
About the Book
There are 4 main sections in the book. I want you to come away with an understanding of not just how to make successful changes, but what it’s going to take mentally and physically to sustain.Mindset – Why are you doing this and how to overcome challengesHealth and Quality of Life – There’s a lot more going on than trying to get a 6-packFitness – Fitness has a bigger role than you ever realized and what you need to reach your full potentialNutrition – Keep it simple and use the tools nature gives us to maintain success
Get the book, do what’s in it, and I fully expect you to start seeing major improvements in your day-to-day quality of life.

David Harper, PhD and Author of BioDiet: The Scientifically Proven, Ketogenic Way to Lose Weight and Improve Health – “As a Professor of Kinesiology, I can confirm that Bronson really knows his stuff. This is the best, evidence-based, fitness advice out there for those that are considering, or have adopted, a well-formulated ketogenic diet.”

Robert Sikes, Ketogenic Body Builder, Owner of Keto Brick, and Author of Ketogenic Bodybuilding: A Natural Athlete’s Guide to Competitive Savagery – I applaud Bronson for shifting the focus from fat loss to building and retaining muscle! In the health/fitness space, people are constantly inundated with the latest fat loss fad or weight loss gimmick. It’s refreshing to see the majority of the conversation turned towards the importance of building and preserving lean muscle tissue. Improving your overall body composition via increased lean mass is paramount for fostering a better, more enriched life. More muscle ensures that you’re setting yourself up for long-term success! Bronson does an amazing job at breaking that goal down for the general public in a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement!”

From the Publisher

dr ken berrydr ken berry

With proper instruction about how to begin from where you currently are, how to establish rational goals, and how to increase the intensity of exercise at the proper rate so as not to lead to injury, this book gives very clear and simple instructions on how to “go outside and play” regardless of your age, or the current depth of your sedentary spiral. Increasing your muscle mass, bone strength, agility, and proprioception are vital if your goal is to neither look nor act your age. Bronson is just the person to show you the way. This book is a vital resource for those of us who have returned to eating like a human, and are now ready to start moving and playing like one.

Ken D Berry, MD (

Author: Lies My Doctor Told Me


Wow. ‘Ultimate’ is right! Coach Bronson has packed this book with a lifetime of knowledge and practical takeaways that anyBODY can implement (at any age) to improve their health, physical ability, and overall quality of life. Just the mindset chapter alone is a gold mine, unlike anything I’ve found in other fitness and nutrition books. Do yourself a favor and begin applying Bronson’s life-change advice the moment you pick up this book. Your body will thank you.

Natalie G. (@theketobikinipro)

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Primal Health Coach


Coach Bronson helps us turn up the volume of our why and turn down the volume of our excuses. By facilitating a change in mindset, this book helps us begin to identify as someone who is privileged to enjoy the freedom found through fitness. Age, athletic ability, and past disappointments are no longer limitations to our present enthusiasm and our future quality of life. Coach Bronson’s guidance can assist you in unlocking the full value of the strength and endurance made possible through a keto lifestyle.

Joe and Rachel S. (@2krazyketos)

Hosts of the 2 Krazy Ketos YouTube Channel


“Bronson delivers a detailed yet easy to read and understand, comprehensive guide breaking down the importance of muscle, goal setting, the truth about fat loss, nutrition, and achieving true fitness for those desiring to live their lives to the fullest–healthy, strong, and vital. The average person to the more fitness-minded will find this book beneficial.”

Amber W. (@lonestarketogirl)

Host of the Lone Star Keto Girl Podcast

Luis VillasenorLuis Villasenor

In my quest to improve my health, gain muscle, and eliminate food cravings, I found that a diet low in carbohydrates and processed foods were ideal for me and my goals. I stopped calling it “diet” and for me, it became the natural way I ate. After years I realized that there were several communities of people who also followed diets with similar variations: “Keto”, “Paleo”, “Carnivora”, “Dukan”, “Atkins”, and many more variants. I am very happy to read that Bronson Dant has a vision very similar to mine; his book will be an excellent guide for all those who want to understand how to “stop playing” the game, set their own rules and take their health into their own hands.

Luis Villasenor (@darthluiggi)

Co-Founder of DrinkLMNT and Ketogains

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