The Genius Cutting Diet and Six Pack Abs Workout: A Complete Guide to a Rapid Metabolism with Uncommon Bodybuilding Fat-loss Tips: + the Best Foods, … and a Low Carb Meal Plan to Lose Weight Fast

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CUTTING DIET: If This Doesn’t Reduce Your Body Fat % and Improve Your Weight Loss After Reading, Nothing Will

“This started as a challenge from a friend, a joke made about losing belly fat while still eating un healthy recipes every week. I took it as an experiment and ended up discovering something crazy!

It’s been more than 10 years now since I started this journey. I have tried, failed, experimented and tinkered- using myself as a human guinea pig. I’ll show you the final verdict on what works that’ll turn you from one of those men or women who struggles to lose weight and dreams of six pack abs if only they new the path to get there, to that confident, strong person who looks as good as they feel and has become

Happier with their bodyMore energeticLess focussed on diet and foodExcited with their new sustainable healthy lifestyle

The body is our vessel and taking care of that vessel insures our future. Socrates once said: ‘It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable’. Imagine not taking advantage of this gift of a body you have, how will you feel? Now, imagine entering a bar filled with new faces with what you’d call your ‘ideal body’. Imagine the confidence you’ll feel approaching and talking to people with the six pack abs that have become a status symbol of fitness and health. That would feel good right?”

And you don’t need to exhaust yourself. Elliot Brando has done the hard work so you don’t have to. Losing fat and building six pack abs with a workout and low carb recipes, along with advice on how to eat whatever you want throughout the plan and still achieve the end goal. The Genius Cutting Diet and Six Pack Abs Workout will give unbelievable results and change the way you look forever.

A simple, effective, evidence based fat loss plan based on how our bodies have functioned for hundreds of thousands of years. The secret to losing the fat you want to get rid of while still eating the foods you like is locked in our ancient past. The good news is: we did not evolve to starve ourselves, to do endless cardio or to take bizzare weight loss pills. We evolved to eat healthy, whole foods to keep our bodies going while we hunted down big game like mammoths and bison. The ancient ‘cheat meals’.

This is the modern-day version of that lifestyle. You will follow the plan and a certain times (revealed in the book) you are encouraged to eat whatever you want. Donuts, burgers and ice cream included. TACTICALLY to boost your metabolism and keep the body out of ‘starvation mode’ while the fat melts away and the strong core you have built with the included abs
workout plan becomes visible and defined.

The focus of this book is getting six pack abs, but at the end, you’ll

Be strongerBe all-round more leanBe better at exercises and training in your workoutsSpend less time doing cardioFind it easier to sustain your progressBe more energeticBe faster and have more enduranceUnderstand how evolution has made fat loss work in humansBe more confident in yourself

Would you rather spend your whole life not knowing how your body works or spend a couple of hours to discover how amazing your body really is? Those who take action are always better off than those who don’t. Where do you belong?

Scroll up and click the Buy Now button and get started in discovering something billions of people will NEVER have the privilege to know.

You’ll thank yourself for this action you’re taking right now.
See you on the other side.

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