Sunny Health & Fitness Fitboard Vibration Platform Exercise Machine with Multiple Speed Settings and Vibration Modes for Multipurpose Workouts

Price: $349.99 - $269.97
(as of Sep 19,2023 08:08:58 UTC – Details)

Jump start your body’s recovery with our new and improved Fitboard 4D Vibration Platform Exercise Machine! Designed with a compact form and quiet motor that’s even more silent than its predecessor, the Fitboard will help you feel more rested and recovered after a hard workout. Through full-body vibrations, this machine mobilizes the body’s built-in repair and recovery mechanisms by promoting efficient circulation and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue. Enjoy the versatility and included features that help you customize your experience each time you step on the platform. These features include a digital monitor, 7 oscillation modes, 30 adjustable speed levels, 4D vibration technology, 3 user programs, and a remote control. Resistance bands included optionally.
DETACHABLE RESISTANCE BANDS: Take your strength workout to the next level with the vibration platform and detachable resistance bands. Conveniently anchored to the platform so you can perform all your favorite band exercises right from the machine. Save space and detach the bands to store them out of the way when not in use.
MULTI-PURPOSE WORKOUT TOOL: Enhance your workout experience and enjoy additional health benefits! Use the platform during your warmup for increased blood circulation to improve muscle contraction and minimize injury. Add the platform to your exercise session through various positions on the platform to encourage increased muscle contraction and stabilization.  Improve bone density by using the platform daily from a seated or standing position.
16 SPEED SETTINGS: Pick from a variety of speed settings, with up to 16 different intensity level options. Tailor the speed to fit your specific workout goal.
3 USER PROGRAMS: Not sure where to start with your platform? The three 10-minute pre-set user programs have you covered! Simply select a program and enjoy 10 minutes of pre-programmed oscillation. Pair it with your workout or focus on some recovery time.
DIGITAL MONITOR: View your metrics on the digital display, centrally located on your machine. Precisely track your workouts and get information about workout mode, program, speed, and time.
NON-SLIP SURFACE: Never worry about a misstep or slipping on the platform. The textured, non-slip surface creates high friction between your shoes and the platform, so you can feel confident that your foot placement will be safe and secure.

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