How I Became a 70-Year-Old Athlete: The Best Motivational Book on Fitness for People Aged 9 to 99 Years Old

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Have you tried all the “Get Fit Books” and failed and even ignored your own doctor warning you to get in shape? Do you feel hopeless, depressed, and angry?Then this book is for you.

I wrote this as a motivation for myself because I used to be struggling, out-of-shape with a sense of hopelessness and I swore that I would never go back to that dark place.

I was working seven days a week, smoking and drinking for years until I woke up one day and realized that I was going to die and that “No One was Coming” to save me.

I learned that progress is one small incremental step at a time with a small rush of dopamine as my only reward.

What I did not know is that after you train your body it will demand it on its own.

Read this book. implement everything in it, and you will become an athlete leading a richer, longer and healthier life. That is my promise to you.

When you choose to become an athlete, you will be open to a happier, disease-free life that will radiate out and positively affect everyone you meet.

It must start with you. Get out of the house! Bad knees? Join a pool. Bad heart? Keep walking and wear a fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate. Get on all fours, limp, crawl—damn it! Your body will love you. Are you going to listen to the only true friend you have or ignore the one body that keeps you alive ??!!

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