Gates TCKWP331 PowerGrip Premium Timing Belt Component Kit with Water Pump

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loose timing kitsloose timing kits

Gates beltsGates belts

Do the complete repair with a timing kit from Gates

Sourcing different timing components of unknown quality may cause quicker wear down compared to complete kits from Gates which deliver everything you need in one box. Our kits includes value adds where applicable, such as special installation aids.Timing system components are designed to wear together. If the belt is worn, other components are likely worn too. That is why buying Timing kits from Gates is the best way to prevent being stuck on the side of the road.For the DIYer, timing repairs are labor-intensive jobs. Why would you go to the trouble of pulling off the timing cover, and then only replace one component? Gates has the ‘while you’re in there’ covered so all you have to focus on is on the job.If you only replace the belt, there is a good chance that other components will fail, preventing the belt from working properly and causing damage to the engine. This can be a car killer, don’t let this happen to you by replacing all the timing components at the same time.

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Why Kits? They get to the root of the problem. A worn or noisy belt is only part of the issue. A complete serpentine repair is the only way to do the job right.

Variable Valve Timing

When it comes to your engine, timing is everything. Your vehicle’s variable valve timing system is critical to optimize your vehicle performance, as it allows your engine to operate at high speeds and in harsh operating conditions.

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Gates is the Automotive Aftermarket leader in the unique Modular assembly coolant hose segment. Gates Modular Radiator Hose is manufactured to fit specific applications. Similar to OEM specifications and includes specific essential integrated OE components such as; hose branches, quick-connectors, sensors, restrictors, etc.


With Gates, your thermostat does more than just regulate your engines operating temperature. Our top quality, OE equivalent thermostats are designed to reduce engine wear, increase fuel efficiency, diminish emissions, accelerate engine warm-up, improve cold-weather usability, and prevent engine overheating.

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Water pumps are designed and built for long lasting, efficient cooling
Hydraulic tensioners included, where needed
Everything you need to do the job right, all in one box

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