Gas and Mileage Log Book: Gasoline Expense Tracker and Maintenance and Repair Service Record Notebook I Planner for Individual Car Drivers, Self-Employed, and Business Vehicles I Fuel Costs for Taxes

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Do you want to keep detailed notes of gas fill-up dates and costs, mileage, various types of repairs, repair dates, and replacement of car parts? Do you need to track expenses for taxes?

You’ve come to the right place!

This convenient and well-organized notebook addresses your needs. You can keep all information about your vehicle in one place and have them ready to use when necessary. It is a way to take better care of your car and expenses!

The logbook consists of three parts:

1. Gas and Mileage Log, including 93 pages (blank fields for 1208 trips) and containing the following columns:

Year, Make, Vehicle Model,Date, Destination,Odometer: Start, Finish, Total,Gas: Gallons, Cost, MPG.

2. Maintenance and Repair Log, including 16 pages (blank fields for 128 entries) and containing the following columns:

Year, Make, Vehicle Model,Date, Mileage,Details, Service Station, Cost.

3. Summary, including 5 pages (blank fields for 60 months) and containing the following columns:

Year, Make, Vehicle Model,Month, Mileage,Cost: Gas, Maintenance, Repair, Total.

Scroll down to see sample pages.

Gas and Mileage Log Book is a wide choice for:

individual car owners,self-employed,business owners with a fleet of vehicles.


116 pages,Size 8,25×6″,High-quality paper,Professionally designed soft cover with an easy-to-clean glossy finish.

Gas & Mileage Log Book is the perfect gift for Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, or any celebration.

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