DECILUD Stair Stepper for Exercise – Mini Stepper Fitness Equipment with LCD Monitor, Resistance Bands and Floor Mat,Stair 330 lbs Weight Capacity, Portable Equipment Home Workout,Black

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2-22-2 DECILUD specializes in the outdoor field of sports fitness.

Product contents

Portable stepper*1 Drag rope *2 Elastic band times 1 User manual *1

DECILUD Portable stepper

Our step machine is specially designed for family fitness. Compared with the ordinary step machine, it adopts the action of going up and down the steps to simulate the action of climbing the stairs. It adopts the ergonomic design and designs the specific use Angle. It is light in volume and weight. You can use it in your bedroom, living room, balcony and study. Equipped with resistance band, you can stabilize your upper body and exercise your upper body muscles at the same time.

A large solid base Hydraulic drive system Noise reduction design 3D non-slip mat Maximum weight 330 pounds





Stable base

The larger base provides maximum support, increases friction and reduces rocking when using the equipment. High quality thickened steel structures can support up to 330 pounds

Powerful hydraulic resistance system

The ergonomic resistance design can be used for a long time to reduce joint damage, and the all-metal structure provides effective support.

LCD display

Equipped with an LCD that records your exercise time, calories burned, and total steps, making it easy to track your exercise data.

Ergonomic design

The use of ergonomic design, to provide users with the most comfortable exercise Angle, long-term use will not fatigue, will not bring joint damage, waist and ankle have better protection.





ABS anti-skid design

V-shaped anti-skid design provides better friction and protects your safety during movement. Detachable design for easy replacement and cleaning.

Edge protection design

Foot around the use of encircling design, placed accidental fall and slip cause greater degree of injury.

Silent design

The bottom is equipped with a mute foot mat to prevent the floor tile and other ground knock, while the movement does not affect the normal life of the family.

Resistance band

Elasticine resistance bands will help you stay on the machine and work the muscles in your upper body.


💪【Resistance bands assist movement】 bands help tone your thighs and hips while achieving a challenging cardiovascular workout. Resistance bands work the arms, chest, back and shoulders to work the whole body. Perfect for weight loss, body shaping, and exercise routines.
💪【Ergonomic design】Our Stair Stepper is based on ergonomics. The best step Angle is 38 degrees. Long time use is not easy to fatigue, waist and ankle protection is also very good. Rubber cushioning pad keeps mini stepper quiet.
💪【Portable use】Out of the box. Compared with large fitness equipment, this Stair Stepper is small and portable, saving space. Efficient cardio training can be done anywhere, at the office or at home;
💪【LCD MONITOR】The Stair Stepper has an LCD display that clearly records exercise time, count, total calories burned and miles, so you can keep track of your workout and plan your next workout.

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