ChargeDNA 1.3+, 6V and 12V, 1.3 AMP, Portable Smart Battery Charger, Maintainer, Fully Automatic, Lead-Acid and Lithium for Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Jet Skis and More – Designed in The USA

Price: $44.95
(as of Sep 01,2023 17:00:35 UTC – Details)

Rugged, corrosion resistant, extruded aluminum housing. Anti-slip rubber bumper protects your vehicle’s paint from scratches and keeps the charger from sliding around. Includes a convenient mounting bracket to stow the charger just where you need it.
Safely desulfates your battery during every charge cycle without applying dangerously high voltages like some other chargers. Provides a highly regulated trickle charge current during float to maintain your battery at full charge.
Compatible with all types of vehicle lead-acid and lithium-ion starting batteries, including flooded, gel, and AGM: Perfect for cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, ATVs, tractors, trucks, SUVs, boats and more. Built-in safety provides spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection.
3-year hassle free warranty
Fully automatic for everyday worry-free battery charging
Designed to fully charge your battery without overcharging
Includes mounting bracket and installation hardware

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